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Available Contracts [49]
Click any line below with available quantity to see a list of in-game clickable contracts on the right
Ship Qty ISK Per Expire Last Sold Marketeer
LSC - Kiting Caracal | WiKi LinkFleet Up Link234M2017-11-152017-09-19Wolf Cobber
LSC - DD Maller | WiKi LinkFleet Up Link342M2017-10-272017-06-30Axuptor Galhaari
LSC - Rail Moa | WiKi LinkFleet Up Link147M2017-10-272017-07-21Wolf Cobber
LSC - DD Stabber | WiKi LinkFleet Up Link333M2017-10-272017-07-21Entropy Cenozoic
LSC - DD Thorax | WiKi LinkFleet Up Link140M2017-10-312017-09-24Torg Navatin
LSC - DD Vexor | WiKi LinkFleet Up Link043M2017-10-072017-09-10Edwald Beldrulf
LSC - Laser Destroyer | WiKi LinkFleet Up Link216M2017-11-142017-09-28Glen Burney
LSC - Missile Destroyer | WiKi LinkFleet Up Link39M2017-10-272017-09-17Axuptor Galhaari
LSC - Gunnery Destroyer | WiKi LinkFleet Up Link211M2017-11-142017-10-13Glen Burney
LSC - Gallente Small Gang | WiKi LinkFleet Up Link06M2017-10-072017-09-12Glen Burney
LSC - Caldari Small Gang | WiKi LinkFleet Up Link29M2017-11-142017-09-08Glen Burney
LSC - Amarr Small Gang | WiKi LinkFleet Up Link014M2017-10-012017-07-10Glen Burney
LSC - Minmitar Small Gang | WiKi LinkFleet Up Link25M2017-11-062017-10-08Glen Burney
LSC - ECM Blackbird | WiKi LinkFleet Up Link223M2017-10-272017-09-17Wolf Cobber
LSC - Damp Celestis | WiKi LinkFleet Up Link230M2017-11-142017-09-17Glen Burney
LSC - Neut Maller | WiKi LinkFleet Up Link225M2017-11-062017-10-04Glen Burney
LSC - Frigate ECM | WiKi LinkFleet Up Link22M2017-11-142017-10-21Wolf Cobber
LSC - Basic Gang Augoror | WiKi LinkFleet Up Link028M2017-11-012017-10-21Entropy Cenozoic
LSC - Basic Gang Exequror | WiKi LinkFleet Up Link231M2017-11-142017-09-13Glen Burney
LSC - Basic Gang Osprey | WiKi LinkFleet Up Link529M2017-11-012017-09-19Axuptor Galhaari
LSC - Basic Gang Scythe | WiKi LinkFleet Up Link222M2017-11-142017-09-13Glen Burney
LSC - Gallente Fleet Tackle | WiKi LinkFleet Up Link05M2017-10-012017-09-10Rezda Nardieu
LSC - Caldari Fleet Tackle | WiKi LinkFleet Up Link26M2017-11-142017-09-13Glen Burney
LSC - Amarr Fleet Tackle | WiKi LinkFleet Up Link05M2017-10-012017-07-05Glen Burney
LSC - Minmitar Fleet Tackle | WiKi LinkFleet Up Link14M2017-11-062017-10-10Glen Burney
LSC - Basic Gang Inquisitor | WiKi LinkFleet Up Link26M2017-11-142017-10-10Glen Burney
LSC - Basic Gang Burst | WiKi LinkFleet Up Link25M2017-11-142017-09-13Glen Burney
LSC - Basic Gang Kirin | WiKi LinkFleet Up Link245M2017-11-142017-09-12Glen Burney
LSC - Basic Gang Deacon | WiKi LinkFleet Up Link150M2017-11-142017-10-10Glen Burney
These available contracts have been issued by LSC marketeers and are waiting to be accepted by UNI pilots
While using the In-Game-Browser; you can select green rows to see the list of actual contracts
You can then click a contract from that list to buy it
Alternatively, you can:
  • While at the LSC HQ use the In-Game Contract Browser with these filters:
  • Location => Current Station
  • Contract Type => All / Want To Sell
  • Item Category => All
  • Exclude Multiple Items => Unchecked
  • Exact Type Match => Unchecked
  • Price => Leave Blank
  • Availability => Corporation
  • Security Filters => Low (others being checked does not matter)
  • Issuer => Leave Blank
  • [Search]
In-Game Clickable Contracts

Click on a green or yellow row to select a list of in-game clickable contracts

  Completed Contracts
Ship Sold ISK Sold First Sold Last Sold
LSC - Kiting Caracal1895,922M2014-05-102017-09-19
LSC - DD Maller923,434M2014-05-052017-06-30
LSC - Rail Moa833,235M2014-11-292017-07-21
LSC - DD Stabber1123,217M2014-04-232017-07-21
LSC - DD Thorax1806,470M2014-04-162017-09-24
LSC - DD Vexor2198,597M2014-04-242017-09-10
LSC - Laser Destroyer1632,098M2014-05-082017-09-28
LSC - Missile Destroyer2192,155M2014-06-212017-09-17
LSC - Gunnery Destroyer2342,286M2014-06-242017-10-13
LSC - Gallente Small Gang110578M2015-06-142017-09-12
LSC - Caldari Small Gang51436M2015-06-252017-09-08
LSC - Amarr Small Gang71603M2015-06-132017-07-10
LSC - Minmitar Small Gang78371M2015-06-132017-10-08
LSC - ECM Blackbird1192,285M2014-04-292017-09-17
LSC - Damp Celestis742,126M2014-04-262017-09-17
LSC - Neut Maller721,758M2014-11-102017-10-04
LSC - Frigate ECM326940M2014-05-242017-10-21
LSC - Basic Gang Augoror1173,240M2014-05-032017-10-21
LSC - Basic Gang Exequror1725,277M2014-04-232017-09-13
LSC - Basic Gang Osprey691,879M2014-05-232017-09-19
LSC - Basic Gang Scythe2625,924M2014-04-292017-09-13
LSC - Gallente Fleet Tackle111459M2015-06-142017-09-10
LSC - Caldari Fleet Tackle59306M2015-06-202017-09-13
LSC - Amarr Fleet Tackle71315M2015-06-122017-07-05
LSC - Minmitar Fleet Tackle47247M2015-06-172017-10-10
LSC - Basic Gang Inquisitor1579M2017-03-092017-10-10
LSC - Basic Gang Burst1244M2017-03-122017-09-13
LSC - Basic Gang Kirin145M2017-09-122017-09-12
LSC - Basic Gang Deacon7293M2017-04-252017-10-10

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